Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Primary Quad Bloggers!

This week we would like to give a special welcome to Mrs. Robinson's class, Mrs. Martel's class and Mrs. Sarchet's class. Take a peek around our blog to see what we've been up to! Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. Hi Mrs. Belanger's Class!
    We really like your blog! We have a few questions for you:
    How many students are in your class?
    Where is your class?
    Do you have any special helpers?
    We are wondering what is your favourite center?
    What are you learning about?
    Do you make crafts?
    Do you do calendar time?
    What are you learning in science?
    What is your favourite subject?

    We like your classroom from the video. We also read First Day Jitters. We also did a Terry Fox Run around a Beaver Pond near our school. We tweet everyday and we just starting following you.

    Thank for sharing your blog with us. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Love Mrs.Martel's Grade One Class

  2. Hi Mrs. Martel's Class!
    We have 21 students in our class.
    We are at Eastwood Public School in Windsor, Ontario
    We have an EA, and a CYW that come in throughout the day.
    iPads are defininately our favourite centre.
    In math we are learning about fact families.
    We are reading Charlotte's Web.
    We have art class one time in our 5 day cycle.
    We don't have calendar time this year, but we did have it last year.
    We are learning about spiders to go along with our book Charlotte's Web.
    We all like different things. But really like, literacy, math and gym.
    Thank you for reading our blog!
    Did you learn about non-fiction writing yet?
    Are you learning about adding and subtracting too?
    Are you working on your reading stamina?

  3. Mrs. Belanger's Class,
    Sorry we are late in posting these questions to you. Mrs. Rudd had training with the IFL of Pittsburgh this week.
    Our questions are:
    What kind of weather do you have?
    What stories are you reading?
    Do you have thematic units of study?
    We will be studying animals and pets for the next 6 weeks.
    Have you worked on adding and subtracting yet?
    Have you used accountable talk before?

  4. Nice to hear from you.
    Our weather today is a little windy, slightly chilly but sunny. Our normal temperature right now is about 14*C.
    Right now we are taking part in the Global Read Aloud, so we are reading Charlotte's Web. We are also reading books about spiders.
    Right now we are learning about spiders to go along with Charlotte's Web, it also goes with our science unit on life cycles, and also Halloween!
    Yes, we are working on Adding and subtracting right now in Math.
    Yes, we use accountable talk all the time!